Vicarious Travelers Series

Free Lectures Announced

The Richmond Hostel Committee is sponsoring  the Vicarious Travelers Series  to introduce people to travel to exotic locations across the globe.  These lectures are an opportunity to  learn about customs and cultures around the world  Through these shared stories, music and discussions we can start to understand how interrelated we are and appreciate our unique place in this world we inhabit.  

Topics include:

  • Feb. 4–Kristin Smith, lifelong traveler and Board member of the Potomac Area Council of Hosteling International, will share stories about her trip to Easter Island
  • Feb. 25–Virginia Vassar, Maggie Walker graduate currently teaching Arabic in Washington, DC, will talk about her trip to Jordan and offer other insights into Muslim culture
  • March 3–Dr. Robin Poulton and Virginia Vassar will discuss their visits to Mali and Senegal in Western Africa, two former French colonies.  Dr. Poulton’s recent book about Mali will be available for purchase at the hostel after his presentation.
  • March 31–Enjoy slides of Tanzania’s gorgeous scenery and amazing wildlife during a presentation by Alice Baird.

All Vicarious Traveler’s Series presentations will be shown at the Richmond Public Library Main Branch, 101 East Franklin Street  at  3:30 p.m. and will be followed by an optional tour of the future Richmond Hostel.


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