Construction Starts at HI Richmond Hostel

Exciting things are happening for the HI Richmond Hostel…
Photos and information courtesy of Christopher “Max” Maxwell.

Construction begins

Dominion Virginia Power disconnected the electricity to make it safe for the masons to begin replacing loose mortar. Power lines were depowered at 5:45 a.m. Sunday, Nov.18 , the lifts were dropped off and the sidewalk blocked.

Close up of the hostel building

Above right is a close up showing loose degraded mortar being ground out. On the closest corner you can see  a spot where bricks fell out during a storm a few months ago.

Laying out plastic
Above, Contractor Wilson Enochs lays out plastic to keep the mortar off the sidewalk.Power reconnnected

And by 5:50 p.m. the power had been reconnected.

Scaffolding went up

Scaffolding went up Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 19 and 20. Next up will be the repair of the historic front windows.

Walk by the hostel to take a look for yourself. And keep up with our latest updates on our facebook page.


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